Hello, My Loves!


Welcome to my site.

I’m super excited to share my 2020 fashion journey with you.

My love for fashion started when I was a little girl, I would spend hours dressing and shopping for my barbie dolls and as a teen, I had the opportunity to model in NYC, grace the pages of magazines, and walk down many runways, I can honestly say I have been blessed to live out my dream.

At 20 I had a beautiful baby girl and my model career came to a sudden halt, but my love for fashion stay strong.
Today at 40 years old I am a wife and mother to 3 children and I’m not gonna lie... my style is hella sexy, classy, and trendy and no, I didn’t wake up like this ;)  it requires me to put aside “me time” every morning and constantly remind myself that I’m worth it.

I decided in 2020 that it’s time to share my love for fashion and healthy lifestyle with all of you amazing, mature women, making it my mission to share with you that you can look amazing at any age it’s all in the attention and effort you decide to give yourself.

My goal for this page is to inspire you and encourage you that 40+ women have every right to be confident and sexy all day, every day.

So I hope you receive inspiration and motivation from this sit...until next time sis hold your head up, walk, talk, and dress with confidence.

Love Terria,

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