I'm so happy you have expressed interested in restoring your marriage after experiencing infidelity.


This 30-minute breakthrough-session is for you if you are:

  • The busy professional who would rather get down to the root quickly rather than take several months for local one hour a week counseling. 
  • You feel angry, resentful, embarrassed, or depressed.
  • My partner and I are unemotional and disconnected from each other.
  • My partner and I experience the constant threat of divorce.
  • We are in constant conflict regarding both major and minor issues.
  • There are major trust issues in our marriage that we cannot overcome.
  • We have lost our physical intimacy in the marriage.
  • My partner and I have grown apart and now have very little in common.
  • I’ve lost my identity and the ability to truly express myself in the relationship.
  • There are inappropriate relationships with opposite-sex friends that put the marriage at risk.
  • I see myself passing my suffering on to my children.
  • You're ready for your marriage to be stronger and more enriching.
  • You're ready to know why the affair happened.
  • You're ready to learn a strategy for how to move forward in the future.
  • You're ready to fight for keeping your family together?
  • Doesn’t want to make a knee-jerk reaction after discovering the affair, resulting in a quick divorce and nasty separation.
  • Ready to stop thinking about divorce or ignoring your marriage’s challenges and living in misery.


If this is resonating with you and you are ready to learn the tools to restore your marriage and heal from past hurts. Then click the link below to sign-up for your free 30-minute breakthrough session to determine if you are truly ready to transform your relationship.       


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