Let me guess...

  • Are you struggling with forgiving and move onto the healing process
  • Your heart is broken, and you’re ready to stop the feelings of  hurt and pain
  • Tired of feeling sad, angry, resentment and thoughts of wanting him to be unhappy
  • Tires of feeling insecure like you’re not worthy or desirable  
  • Tired of blaming yourself and believing that if you would have done something different, he would’ve cheated
  • You’re ready to have peace, love, and joy in your life
  • You’re ready to stop isolating yourself, strengthen your inner circle and begin receiving support from like-minded women who are going through a similar situation

Well, here's the #1 challenge to healing from past hurts and manifesting the love and life you desire:


Realizing your worthy and deserve happiness.



Hi, my name is Terria Hendricks-Cole and I'm the Founder of Urban Love Coach, a global empowerment company and loving, supportive sisterhood of resilient women who want to heal from past hurts, release dysfunctional relationship and self-beliefs, so that they can develop a high level of self-love and self-confidence, begin manifesting the love and life they desire FASTER than they thought possible. 


So....how did this all begin? I'm glad you asked :)


10 Years ago, I fell hard for this man and he quickly became my everything. It was great, we spent every waking hour together, he said everything that I wanted to hear, he was perfect. 


Until one day the unthinkable happened.


The calls slowed down, we stopped spending as much time together, he started degrading me.

I became suspicious, my intuition was telling me something was not right.

I begin questioning him and expressing to him that I felt like things have changed, his response was "your overreacting and overthinking things and if you don't stop your gonna push me away. I don't have time for this craziness" I wanted so badly to believe him and not trust what my intuition was telling me, so I left it alone and ignored my gut.  


Until one day I received a call from a lady who told me everything that had been going on with her and my cheating boyfriend. He didn't even deny it, a part of me didn't want to hear the truth from him I would have rather he told me a lie...Crazy huh? 


He broke my heart and he made me feel undesirable and unworthy. I cried for days, I was resentful, enraged, my self-esteem was shattered, I was depressed, I couldn’t eat, sleep, focus at work, I struggled to get out of bed in the mornings, I isolated myself from friends and family.


It was one of the toughest times of my life. I felt like it would never go away.


After some time, I was still sad and hurting... I begin believing that if we got back together ALL the pain would just disappear once and for all. So, I convince myself to take him back. When we got back together, I believed that it would be different, but I still felt insecure, and he didn't make it any better, when we were out in public, he looked at women. He stayed out late and did not answer my calls or respond to my text messages. He followed beautiful women on social media. When I was around, he would keep his cell phone face down, turn his phone away from me when he texted.


Again, my intuition kept telling me that he was cheating on me, and it drove me crazy literally.  


Eventually, to numb my pain I begin practicing dysfunctional relationship habits. I decided that would NEVER be put in a situation where a man can cause me that much pain again, so my thinking at the time was if I always have another man on the side, I will never again be vulnerable and allow anyone to hurt me. This did not bring me happiness or security, but I felt free from never allowing someone to inflict intense hurt on me.


Years went by and I sunk deeper and deeper into accepting my dysfunctional relationship, it eventually became my norm. Eventually, we broke up, but I still carried the same dysfunctional relationship habits from one relationship to the next.


I felt unhappy and all alone, I isolated my friends and family, I had no peace or joy, I was emotionally unstable, spiritually lost, and physically overweight.  I didn’t have any personal goals or plans.  I ate a lot of sugar, drunk wine like it was cool-aide. I was in a really deep dark state of mind.


Does this sound familiar?


After years of dealing with self-inflicted pain, one divorce and three children later (two of the children being girls), I knew I had to correct my habits, so I decided to go through the healing process and learn healthy relationship and life strategies.


Fast forward to 2019 I now have a healthy marriage filled with love, passion, great communication, and I am emotionally and spiritually free and I have found my own authentic power.


Throughout my journey to find my purpose, manifest the love and life of my dreams, here is what I've learned:


Never to feel ashame and hide my past hurts, sharing my stories of dysfunctions can heal me and someone else. 


Making the decision to go through the healing process, has changed my life and I know it will do the same for you. 


You may have been trying to move past your hurt for some time or you may have just experienced the hurt.


Now let's keep it real...I know from experience that healing from past hurt can be very difficult. 


So it helps to have the tools and support, otherwise, you'll end up unhappy and living an unfilled life. 


And that's where my Reclaim Your Power After Infidelity VIP Treat comes in.


This is where you are given the tools and support to go from feeling insecure, living a limited life, having unhappy relationships to having the confidence to live out your purpose and manifest the love and life you desire.



Luxury Accomendations

Private chef curated dinners, All Black & Gold Dinner, 3-day Infidelity Recovery Coaching Sessions, Vision board party.

Deluxe Luxurious Suite

Pick your room today! Top of the line mattresses and 1800-thread count linens to ensure you get a great night rest. 


Serene Environment

Daily yoga and guided meditation and there will be time to relax, have glass of wine or a tropical drink by the pool and soak in the spa.



This Retreat is intense empowerment coaching within a luxurious, tranquil environment with included activities to help you relax, experience the best of Las Vegas while experiencing an overall mindset shift and connecting with like-minded women. 



  • Starting with a 90-minute private virtual session 
  • 3-day Personal Infidelity Recovery Coaching Sessions 
  • Luxury Accommodations 
  • All Meals, Beverages
  • Celebration Dinner at one of Las Vegas Famous Restaurant  
  • Black & Gold Friday Night Dinner Party
  • Meet and Greet Cocktail Hour- Thursday Night 
  • Lush Gift Basket
  • A One-Hour Spa Massage 
  • Daily Group Yoga
  • Guided Meditation and Visualization 
  • Like-minded women coming together and are empowered to share their stories (Priceless) 
  • Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas Show 

  • 90-Day Access to Reclaim Your Power After Infidelity VIP Facebook Group, join like-minded women and have access to post unlimited questions for Terria that may come up during your healing process. (Priceless) 

 Two Months of Aftercare

Once the three days are over our work in not over. You receive 2 months of After-Care. You will transition into having virtual sessions every other week within a 2-month period. These will be private sessions.


PAY-IN-FULL Bonus: When You Choose the Pay-In-Full Option, You will also receive two Private 60-Minute Coaching Calls with Terria, used when support is needed within 90-Days following Retreat ($500 Value)


Bonus: 2019 Self-Empowerment Planner and Workbook ($65 Value)

Here's exactly what you will receive during the 3-day Infidelity Recovery Coaching Sessions :

Day #1      Healthy Healing  

Step 1- Power Assessment: We will complete My signature Heal from Infidelity assessment I will use this assessment to identify what areas in your life are scared and where your thought process has been broken.

Step 2- Forgiveness Reframing: 4-Part Strategy to release your pain and forgive yourself and your partner once and for all, so you can participate on the journey to discover your power, purpose, and peace.

Step 3 – Release: Daily Practice tools that will allow you to Release from your bondage of hurt and pain, bittiness, resentment, isolation, insecurities and unworthiness

Day #2    Manifest      Joy

Step 1- Building High Level Self-Confidence: Daily practice tools that will rebuild your self-confidence to the highest level, empowering you to never allow anyone to make you question yourself worth.

Step 2- Building High Level Self-Love: Daily practice tools that will expand your self-love to new heights, empowering you to love yourself better than anyone else, setting the example of how you expect others to treat you.

Step 3- Manifest Your Ideal Love and Life Vision: 4-part exercise to help you create your life visions, discover your purpose and begin manifesting the life and love you desire.

Step 4- 2019 Vision Creation Board Party

Day #3  Manifest Your      Vision 

Step 1- Set Your 2019 Freedom Goals You will complete my user friendly, signature Reclaim Your Power goal setting template that will help you set your goals in 2019.

Step 2- Create Your 2019 Freedom Plan You will be provided my signature 2019 Self-Empowerment planner my daily empowerment planner helps to support you with devoting time to becoming your best self and having the life and love that you desire. 


Click below to go to the payment page where you can select the pay in full or design a payment plan. 


***Retreat Refund Policy***

You have until 30 days from initial payment to request a refund. After 30 days of your initial payment, there will be no refunds. Your room is transferable in the case that you are not able to attend. I know that if you use the tools and accept the support, you will see a life shift!   




Terria Hendricks-Cole is the Founder of Restore Your Marriage After Infidelity, a global empowerment company and loving, supportive sisterhood of resilient women who want to heal from past hurts, release dysfunctional relationship and self-beliefs, so that they can develop a high level of self-love and self-confidence, begin manifesting the love and life they desire FASTER than they thought possible. 


Terria is the creator of Reclaim Your Power After Infidelity VIP Retreat. She holds degrees in psychology and mental health, she is also a Certified Master Relationship Coach and Infidelity Recovery Specialist.


Terria currently lives in vibrant Las Vegas, with her loving, supportive husband and beautiful children. When she's not coaching, you can find her snuggled up with a good book reading, journaling, meditating, traveling and spending time with her family. 


Her motto is: "Never feel ashamed and hide your hurts, sharing your story of past hurts can heal you and someone else."


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