Restore Your Marriage After Infidelity 3-Day Intensive 


This 3-day marriage intensive is designed for couples who want results now. The program is designed to experience healing, conquer conflict, improve communication, build intimacy and achieve restoration in your marriage.


Private 3-Day Intensive Experience 


Marriage Intensives have been found to be the most effective way to heal and restore a couple’s marriage.  


We provide a safe, accepting and nurturing space to begin the work of identifying root causes of your marital distress. We assess the dynamics and issues and develop a customized treatment plan for each of you as individuals and as a couple.


Marriage Intensives allow couples to escape the distractions of work, children, computer, cell phones, etc. so that spouses can give their undivided attention to each other and to heal their marriage. This time is also extremely helpful for couples who may be on the verge of separation or divorce or in severe pain. Often couples want to give the marriage one last try before making any decisions.


By the end of the intensive couples are equipped to return home with valuable insight, powerful tools and researched proven techniques and principles to apply in their daily lives.


Marriage Intensive Show You How to: 

  • Increase communication through empathy and listening
  • Heal from experiencing infidelity.
  • Achieve restoration in your marriage.
  • Rebuild trust and restore love for one another.
  • Deepen your connection and intimacy.
  • Understand and value each other's differences.
  • Resolve and manage conflicts.
  • Change dynamics and patterns.
  • Reduce blame.
  • Move through gridlock disagreements.
  • Marriage intensive will help you to develop life long healthy relationship habits.
  • Marriage intensive will take you from being emotional and making an emotional decision in haste to developing two emotionally calm people capable of making the best decisions for their family and their life. 


Marriage Intensive is Ideal for You If​:

  • Your spouse had an inappropriate relationship with an opposite-sex person that put your marriage at risk.
  • You are a busy professional married couple whose marriage is in crisis and you need to get results now, rather than take several months for local one hour a week counseling. 
  • You don't want to make a knee-jerk reaction, resulting in a quick divorce and nasty separation.
  • You don't want to continue to have your children subjected to an unhealthy living environment.
  • You don't want to become a bitter, resentful person and pass those negative feelings and beliefs down to your children. 
  • You and your spouse are emotionally disconnected from each other.
  • You and your spouse experience the constant threat of divorce.
  • You and your spouse are in constant conflict regarding both major and minor issues.
  • You and your spouse have lost physical intimacy.
  • You and your spouse have grown apart and now have very little in common.
  • You've lost your identity and the ability to truly express yourself in the marriage.
  • You've developed major trust issues in your marriage that you cannot overcome.
  • You're hurting, discourage, and lost hope.
  • You're ready to rebuild trust and restore love and passion in your marriage. 
  • You're ready for your marriage to be stronger and more enriching.
  • You're ready to know why the affair happened.
  • You're ready to learn researched proven techniques and principals to heal and move forward.
  • You're ready to fight for keeping your family together.
  • You're ready to stop feeling angry, resentful, embarrassed, or depressed.
  • You're ready to stop thinking about divorce or ignoring your marriage’s challenges and living in misery.



It all begins with a 90 Minute Virtual Session 

It starts with a 90 min virtual session. There are 3 things we do with our time together.


·      Marriage Story: We will discuss the story of your relationship. It’s important to get a general foundation of the relationship. We want to know how things got started and how/when things started to go wrong and how long you’ve been stuck.


·      Affair Story: We will discuss the story of your affair. It’s important for us to have a clear understanding of what happened and the circumstances behind it. We must discuss the who, what, when, where and how of the affair so we know how to properly prepare for our time together.


·      Practical Exercise: We will journey through a very practical exercise that will unpack all of the issues that you and your partner have been struggling within your relationship.


Our 90 minutes together is very important because we do not take create a one-size fit all approach when working with clients. It is very customized because everyone’s situation is different. So, while we have our own reached proven program that we will take you through, we make it unique to you both as a couple so that it’s effective and long-lasting.


     3-Day Private Marriage Intensive Agenda

We spend three days together. Those three days are equivalent to 8 months of counseling. We will spend about 8-10 hours a day together doing couples sessions, individual sessions, and practical learning. It’s not just to give you both the time alone away from the house. It’s a very practical deep dive intensive work that is designed to produce transformation. We address three recovery areas during the weekend:


·      Your Marital Recovery: Strangely, a crisis can be a gift to a marriage because it serves to expose the real issues that have gone unresolved in a relationship for far too long. We will work together to create a healthy, mutually-beneficial, long-lasting, closed marriage. With the proper process, tools, and personality assessments that we provide, couples often have a better marriage after a betrayal than what they had before the discovery of the affair.


·      Your Individual Recovery: In every relationship, there is a betrayed partner and an unfaithful partner, and both are hurting in two very different ways and for two very different reasons. Therefore, working with each of you both individually and collectively will allow you and your spouse to make a significant leap forward in your marriage. The betrayed partner will learn how to heal, regain confidence and self-esteem, genuinely forgive, re-establish trust, overcome triggers, and open up one’s heart to their spouse again. The unfaithful partner will discover the true ‘why’ of the affair, how to help heal and restore the marriage, move beyond guilt and shame, and embrace a new relational code of ethics.


·      Your Affair Recovery: Unfortunately, most counselors and therapists aren’t skilled or experienced walking couples through a crisis like this. However, we have six steps we take you through that goes from Discover to Recovery:


Step One: Commitment 

Step Two: Full Disclosure

Step Three: Affair-Proofing Your Marriage

Step Four: Rebuilding Intimacy in Your Marriage

Step Five: Restoring Trust & Overcoming Triggers

Step Six: The Path to True Forgiveness



We take each couple through a very researched proven process that is both life and marriage transforming. The one word we hear most from our clients after completing the intensive is ‘BREAKTHROUGH!’. And they all unanimously agree that they could never get in weekly sessions what they received in our 3-day private marriage intensive.


    Two Months of Aftercare

Once the three days are over our work in not over. We will provide you with 2 months of After-Care. You will transition into having virtual sessions every other week within a 2-month period. These will be private sessions.




24-Hour Access {Pay-in-full}

For the 1st 2 weeks, you will have 24-hour access to us through an app called Marco Polo. You will be able to

ask any question or address any issue with a quick response time. So, it’s like 24-hour emergency care for 2 weeks.    


Online Support Group

There's a fantastic group that you become a life-long member. You will join a community of other couples who have been through the program and are all on the path to recovery. After years of working with couples, we've discovered that a community is significant because groups are where you grow. 


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