How To Bring More Spark Into Your  Marriage

April 1, 2018


Hey, Goddess, 

I hope all is going well in your love life this week if you’re in a real-life marriage probably not…. ?  Every day is not always a fairy tale, we all have so much on our plates the pressure of bills, time constraints, health concerns, work, kids, relational challenges and the list goes on. 
Today I would like to chat with you about maintaining the excitement in your marriage. Man, it's so easy to get trapped in the motions of everyday life, trust me I definitely can attest. Thank goodness for my hubby, because he does a great job ensuring that something special and spicy is planned for us at least twice a month, which preserves the spark in our marriage. It’s not just his responsibility to schedule new and exciting things for us. 

Dullness in marriage is a common concern when couple completes the same day after day tasks, and boredom begins to set in and slowly a couple starts to get bored and drift apart. Exciting new events are the primary factor in maintaining healthy growth in your relationship.
Setting a goal and having tips to help create excitement can help lead to a stronger marriage and achieve that spark that you are looking for with your husband. Here are seven tips that you can help you bring back the spark and maintain excitement in your marriage that can lead to a stronger marriage:  

1. Make your partnership the primary relationship in your family bond.
Yes, kids, work, parents, siblings, friends will want your time and attention; however, you must ensure you make time to build the bond with your husband priority. You won't be taking anything from your children you be adding to their sense of security when mom and dad are spending the time to strengthen their marriage.

2. Make time to talk every day when things get busy it easy to go days without talking about anything other than schedules, carpools, pickup times and errands, it’s important to be sharing feelings and having your spouse share them back on a regular basis. Speak to your spouse at least 15-20 minutes every day, ask how his day was, discuss finances, work, children and plans.

 3. Do not hold into small things that get in the way of your connection.
Do you hang onto little things that your husband does that annoy you? If so it will be difficult to create excitement, if the issues are minor resolve them, let go of the anger and frustration and allow room for other emotions to pass through.  


4. Spend time discovering a hobby together. Rather than spending time doing your hobbies change it up. Join your hobby while he is enjoying one of his hobbies, or invite him to join you in your hobbies, or try to complete a dreadful house task together, with the two of you finishing it together it will make it all that more exciting.


5. Step out on faith together. God requires us to break out of our daily tasks and do something for him. Stepping out in faith to do Gods work is a great way to stay connected while meeting needs of our communities.


6. Frequent physical intimacy. Sensually connecting as husband and wife is an essential part of developing a healthy marriage. Sex is crucial to a secure connection between you and your spouse helping to maintain your closeness as a couple and build a strong bond. I know we all would like to have the time to experience the works, but that's not always possible especially if you have children, so it doesn't still have to be a long affair; a quickie will also provide the connection required. 


7. Set a goal. Make sure the goal is simple and achievable. It is important to have small wins in the beginning and find success within your marriage quickly. Having a goal, you both are working on can create a spark and build a connection without initiating steps towards accomplishing the goal. Once you accomplish your initial goal, keep creating new goals for each other.


Yes, these tips are great; however, the bottom line is if you are not emotionally and physically invested in each other and don’t make it a priority then your marriage will remain dull and over time may lead to separation. You must be fully committed to making your wedding vows a priory and invest a lot of time into your marriage, even if it means putting other things and relationships on the back burner.  

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. Please remember that everyone deserves a happy, healthy relationship.
Many Blessings,
Terria Hendricks-Cole
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