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When Is It OK to Yell & Cuss-Out Your Partner? 2/02/14

Have you ever walked through a mall or a mall parking-lot and noticed someone yelling,cussing-out, verbally abusing and times being physically abusive to another person? My answer is “YES”.
The other day I was walking through the mall and I was surprised by the amount of people I noticed yelling,cussing-out,and being verbally abusive to one another person or child, however what I found more interesting is the reactions and facial expressions of by-passers, the majority of them would just walk by non responsive without a look of shock on their face. It made me think.....when did this type of behavior become so acceptable that we are not phased or shock by it and when did people start thinking it was acceptable to behave in that manner, especially in public settings.
As a certified relationship coach I talk with my clients often about the importance of Conflict Resolution and I want to share these importance healthy relationship behaviors that will help you to better resolve conflicts in the future.
  1. Effective Communication Skills- having the same reoccurring conflict without any resolution is leads to a dysfunctional partnership. What makes a relationship healthy is being able to resolve conflict even if it means admitting that your wrong.
  2. Emotional & Physical Affection- In a relationship both partners need to respect each other. It's important that you show your partner that you love them through physical and verbal affectionate behaviors like, kissing, hugging, back rubs, complimenting one another.
  3. Deep Listening Skills- Listening with the intent to know what's bothering your partner and how to support them in resolving their concerns. Talking over your partner or thinking about your response when your partner is speaking to you is not deep listening. You must be present and mindful during the entire conversation (meaning no use of electronic devices, or racing thoughts) to get the most out of what your partner is saying to you.
Do you think it's acceptable for you or others to yell, cuss-out, verbally abuse and physically abuse a partner? If your tired of fighting dirty and you want to make a change but your not sure how.......Contact Me to learn more about our HEALTHY LOVE WORKSHOP this program will help you shift your beliefs and teach you how to resolve conflicts in a loving, effective manner, so that your future or present partnerships can be healthy and lasting.
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