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What Do You Love More, Him or His Money? 1/26/14

Recently I was having a discussion with a group of ladies on the controversial topic of whether it's okay for a woman to date according to a man's income. Most of the women in the discussion agreed that if you are a successful woman it's okay to only date a man with money, especially because you are able to take care of yourself. It was also mentioned that you only want to add to what you already have. So you know I went straight to my computer and had to Blog about it.
A relationship is about two whole people (meaning you are financially stable, happy and content with your life, you do not need anyone or anything to make you happy or complete you) coming together to build a strong partnership.” Terria Hendricks
I believe that a relationship is a partnership, so throughout this blog I'll use the two words interchangeably and if you start thinking of your relationship or future relationship as a partnership, your dating outlook will shift. A few important ingredients to use when you are starting your search for a life and love partnership: you must first love and respect God, yourself, then others. Your life and relationship missions must be similar, and there must be motivation and willingness to work at staying together.
I am old- fashioned, so there are a few dating/relationship rules I have as well. I am definitely not opposed to a woman wanting a man with similar financial status. A woman should never be a man's “sugar mama”, and if a man is struggling to find employment he should not be starting a new romantic relationship - he should be concentrating on getting their finances and life back in order. However, I also feel if a woman's priority is a man's salary amount, she's not able to get to the core beliefs and life intentions of a person by only asking financial questions. Money can disappear at any time for anyone, so some of the most important questions are: “who is this man?”, “do his beliefs and goals align with mine?”, and “do I enjoy spending my waking hours with this man?”. The only way of knowing the answer to these questions will require you to spend time getting to know the person. If you have not already read my blog , "Seven Reasons Why We Should Get Back To Courtship", read it and get more powerful relationship advice.
Women should not limit their love life to dollar amounts. You will miss out on a lot of good men by making money your priority when dating. You may even miss out on your soul mate. It's a good idea to find your equal or someone on a similar financial level to you – not being fixed on a man providing for you, but focusing more on creating a healthy, lasting partnership.
To have a healthy, lasting partnership, two people must form a relationship with the mission of working together while utilizing each other’s strengths, in-order to have a powerful partnership and to build and accomplish their desired dream life together.
I hope this editions of soulful love blog help give you a mind and spiritual shift. I would love for you to leave a comment below on your thoughts and experiences on searching for Love or Money.

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