Are you unsure if your experiencing infidelity triggers?


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Are you unsure if you're experiencing infidelity triggers? You know on some days you feel the pain and sadness of the affair and you’re unsure why, you’re unsure how to manage your feelings, and you’re unsure how to deal with your roller coaster of emotions when they occur?   


Today I want to share four common infidelity triggers that bring up painful feelings.  



When he does these one or all of these things the painful feeling comeback: 


Trigger #1: Hleaves the house and say he’ll be back in a few minutes and an hour goes by and you begin to flip outyour mind begins to wonder what he is doing 


Trigger #2 Your out shopping with him and an attractive woman walks by and you begin to feel his eyes looking in her direction and you worried that he finds her attractive. 


Trigger #3 You’re on the couch watching television with him and you begin to feel anxious because you notice that he has placed his cell phone face down on the end table  


Trigger #4 You’re on the couch watching television with him and his cell phone rings, he looks at his phone and instantly gets up and walks out the roomyou can’t hear what he is talking about in the other room 


The key thing you should remember about infidelity triggers is … 


Triggers can be presented by your partner who you experienced the infidelity with or your partner that you are now with and you have never experienced infidelity with him.   


The triggers do not disappear when you move on, that’s why it’s important to identify your triggers and to learn the tools to manage the triggers in a healthy manner when they arise.   


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