It’s time to keep moving



Hey Ladies! 


Are you ready to move on from infidelity and repair your current relationship or are you tired of being single and ready to have romantic partnership? 




Your unhealthy relationship habits are blocking your way of having a healthy relationship that you desire. 


Today I’ll provide you with three unhealthy relationship habits that you need to shift before moving on to a new or current relationship after experiencing infidelity. 


  1. 1. Stop being embarrassed and ashamed of your past failuresAre you that women that have experienced infidelity but chose to bury your failures due to embarrassment and shame? We all experience mishaps in our lives.  

I challenge you today to discover the lessons in your mistakes, grow, and be of service to others by sharing your difficulties and lessons. 

  1. 2. Holding back on goals that matter to you.  Are you that women that begins a relationship and forgets about all your dreams and goals? If so, I challenge you today to create a plan to get back to goals that matter to you.  

Never lose sight of your dreams and aspirations, whoever you chose to enter into a romantic partnership, they should be supportive and motivate you tbe the best to your potential. 

  1. 3. Letting other people opinions control your life. Are you that women who care about people’s opinion of you? You put off things, out of fear of what others will say and think? If yes, I challenge you today to trust your intuition, no one knows you better than you  

Sis, if it feels good to you just do it, you will never know if it’s right for you if you allow fear to stop you from trying.  


Love and Support, 




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