Stop Surviving and Heal 

May 7th 2019

If your anything like me you are a survivor, which is not ALL bad, but definitely not a practical mindset when it comes to healing from infidelity.  


The up side of being a survivor is that you will outlast the pain, allowing yourself to overcome the struggle with a lesson.   


The downside is that you will tolerate the pain as reject the idea of seeking support, which may cause you   

  1. 1.To adopt self-destructive tactics. 

  1. 2.To go through the healing process longer than you need t0 and may result in emotional and physical suffering 


I had no one to support me through my healing journey, I didn’t know where to start or how to heal. Growing up I was only taught how to survive and be a strong black woman who knew how to withstand life obstacles. That’s why I created my 7 Step Infidelity Personal Healing Program to educate and support black professional women and provide a safe place to heal their heart after infidelity and learn to love and trust again.  


If your open and ready to stop suffering in silence. I’m here to support you every step of the way.  


Just click the link

{} to speak directly to me about the deets 


Love and Support, 


Thank You

Thank you for being part of my soulful community, and for reading, commenting and sharing. Please remember that everyone deserves happy, healthy relationships.

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