He’s not going to fix you. So, who’s responsible for your healing? 



Hey Ladies!  

Sis, are you looking for answers from your cheating partner, but after several attempts, you haven’t come up with healing responses? 


If your answer is yes, I’m not surprised.  


Over time, it’s therapeutic to sit down with your partner and discuss the whys of the infidelity and ways to strengthen your relationship moving forward.   


But that’s not going to happen right away. Many men struggle with coming right out discussing the details of the affair, due to different reasons being like embarrassment, shame, guiltconfusion, and flat out not being interested in moving forward with you. 




You're responsible for your healing journey, no matter what it’s necessary for you to go through your personal healing journey. Forgiving, trusting, and loving yourself, so you can develop your confidence and begin growing personally.   Most importantly learning to manage your triggers and roller coast of emotions. 


Love and Support, 




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